A decade of research has shown that every outstanding customer relationship has a universal set of qualities – they are The Six Pillars of experience excellence.

  1. Integrity - being trustworthy and engendering trust
  2. Resolution - turning a poor experience into a great one
  3. Expectations - managing, meeting and exceeding customer expectations
  4. Empathy - achieving an understanding of the customer's circumstances to drive deep rapport
  5. Personalization - using individualized attention to drive emotional connection
  6. Time and effort - minimizing customer effort and creating friction-less processes

Check all this using Qdesk according to your company particularity.


Each company is different, each customer is important, this is why you have to be able to create, adapt and to expend, building step-by-step your customer support application.


Nowadays communication must be easy, flexible, reliable and efficient and so your company will be able to assist the customers whenever they need.


More than 70% of customers expect companies to collaborate internally on their behalf, so be able to put all the data to work across teams, departments, using shared tools for a complete and unique solution for customers request.


  • understands each company is different, but with the main goal to exceed customer expectations; 
  • unifies a variety of customer communication channels - email, phone, live chat, social media and it can be integrated with lots of applications
  • simplifies the inter-departmental processes of your company to bring in front the customer satisfaction;
  • gives your company tools for processes automation and management.